Code Till Pro

About Me

I am Currently a Computer Science Major at William Paterson University, I enjoy learning new programming languages and challenging myself to producing projects of all sorts. As far as Programming Languages come I know Html, CSS3, PHP, C++, and a bit of C.

This Project

This project has been in the making since febuary of 2013 and I have been clearing a good amount of ground on its progress. I hope to be moving onto the server side of its programming soon enough because I need to learn it in order to complete its functionality. If any one has any questions about this page or programming in general feel free to check out my contact page and email me about it or my twitter and contact me.


The future as I imagine it now is very bright for my project. I have planned to learn Java Script and its very famous library JQuery. I also plan on learning to develop for the Android platform since it is a very strong community for developers